Using Fetch to upload web pages

1. Open the Fetch application (click on this hyperlink to download). Click on the Open New Connection button.
2. The Open Connection window will open set to a default host. If this is not your host server, you will need to enter the correct information for each of the items.

User ID:  your username (your login name)
Password: your password
: www

3. Click on OK . Fetch will make a FTP connection with the remote FTP server, log in and update the file browser box to show the current directory.
4. Click on Put File in the Fetch window. Multiple files and folders can be transferred at one time by choosing Put Folders and Files from the Remote menu. When a standard dialog box opens, navigate to the file or files that will be placed on the server. Select the files and click OK.


If you are using a recent version of Fetch and have Drag and Drop enabled on your Mac, you can just drag the files or folders from your hard drive right into the directory window in Fetch.

When transferring multiple files and folders, add all the files to the bottom half of the dialog window before clicking on Done.

5. In the Save File window, click on the black triangle next to the word "Format" to see the options for sending the file. It is best to choose "Raw Data," especially when transferring GIF files.

6. Click on OK and the transfer will begin.
7. Repeat steps 1 through 6 to transfer additional files to the server. When all files have been transferred, click on the file menu and choose Quit.

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