Mail for Mac OS X

1. Click on the  Mail "Stamp" icon in the program's dock.
2. After the program opens, click on Tools in the top menu, then select Preferences.
3. Click on the + symbol at the bottom left-hand side of the page.
4. You will now need to provide all your e-mail settings:

Account type: POP3
Description: TIES
Full name: Your name
E-mail address:

5. Click Continue.

Incoming mail server:
User name: Your TIES login name
Password: Your TIES password

6. Click Continue.
Do not change any setting on the Incoming Mail security page. Just click Continue and provide:

Outgoing mail server:

Check "Use authentication."

8. Click Continue.
9. Click Continue again on the Outgoing Mail security page without making any changes.
10. Click Continue after confirming all of the information that is listed in the summary.
11. Click Done and close out of Preferences. You now are able to send and receive

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