Mac remote access/PPP configuration

1. To get started, go to the Apple, then Control Panels. Choose Remote Access (OS 8.5/8.6/9) or PPP (OS 8.0/8.1), and enter:

Name: your TIES login name (e.g., jsmith)
Password: the password given to you by TIES. Then check the Save Password box.
Number: 651-765-8000. If you have call waiting and wish to disable it while you are online, type *70 in front of the phone number.

2. Click Options.
3. Under the Redialing tab: Redial should be off. Click OK.
4. Click on the Connection tab: "Use verbose logging" should be unchecked. For PPP, "Connect automatically" should also be checked. Under Reminders, the box next to "Flash icon" should be the only one checked. Click OK.
5. Click on the Protocol tab. PPP should be selected for Use protocol. For PPP, the top two lines will not be there. 
"Connect automatically, Allow error correction" and "Use TCP header compression" should all be checked. "Connect to a command-line host" should be unchecked. Click OK.6. On the white menu bar across the top of the screen, choose PPP (or Remote Access). Then choose Modem.
6. On the Modem screen, click on the up/down arrows to choose your modem. "Sound" should be on, "Dialing" should be set to "Tone," and "Ignore dial tone "Ignore dial tone" should not be checked. Close the Modem window.
7. On the white menu bar across the top of the screen, select Remote Access and choose TCP/IP.
8. On the TCP/IP screen, use the up/down arrows to choose to correct settings.

Connect via: PPP
Configure: Using PPP Server
IP Address, Subnet mask and Router address should all be supplied by server.
Name server address:

9. Checking your AppleTalk settings: Go to the Apple Menu and down to Control Panels. Choose AppleTalk.
In this window, check to see what port AppleTalk has chosen. Change it to Remote Only if it is not already at that setting; if you do not have Remote Only, set it to Printer Port. The Current zone should read "no zones available." Close AppleTalk and save changes if prompted to do so.
10. To connect in the future: Go to the Apple Menu and choose Control Panels. Select Remote Access or PPP. Then click on Connect . When the Connect button changes to Disconnect, you have established a connection to the Internet and may now browse the web or perform mail functions with Outlook Express.

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