Vista Dialup Instructions

Setting up the dial-up connection

1. From your desktop, click [ Start ] icon and click [ Connect to ]
2. Click [ Set up a connection or network ] at the bottom of the dialogue box.
3. Select [ Set up a dial-up connection ] and click [ Next ].
4. Type in the TIES Dial-up number 651-765-8000 (be sure to add *70, in front of the 651 if you have call waiting), your TIES username and password, and a Connection name (TIES). Check the box to Allow other people to use the connection, and click [ Connect. ]
5. You will see a window as the connection you created tests and connects to TIES.
6. Once connected to the internet a dialogue box should say "You are connected to the Internet."

Connecting to the Internet

You have now completed all of the instructions that are needed for your Internet connection. To get connected: 
1. Choose [Start] icon and click [Connect to] TIES then choose [Connect].
2. Click the Dial button.
3. When you see that you are connected to TIES, you can begin to use your Internet browser (e.g., Netscape Navigator, Internet Explorer, or Firefox).

Disconnecting from the Internet

When you are finished using the Internet and want to disconnect, right-click on the Connection Status icon by your clock. A menu will appear allowing you to choose to disconnect.

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