Using WS-FTP to upload web pages

1. After connecting to TIES, open WS-FTP. You should see a screen like the one shown below. If you do not, click the Connect button to bring up the Session Properties window. Enter the information as it appears below. In the User ID and Password fields, enter your TIES username (your login name) and password.

Image2.gif (6001 bytes)


2. Click OK.
3. After connecting, you will see a window similar to the one shown below. The window on the left shows the files on your computer. The window on the right side shows the files on the TIES server.

conected.gif (15022 bytes)

4. To transfer your files to TIES server:

a. Locate the directory that contains your web files on your computer using the window on the left.
b. Select the files that you wish to transfer. To select more than one file, hold down the Ctrl key while selecting.
c. Click on the right-arrow button to upload you files to your WWW directory. If you do not upload to your WWW directory, your web page will not display.
d. You can now open up your Internet browser and go to (yourusername is your TIES login name). You should see your web page.

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